Jackscrew at Elbow, Transmitting Shoulder’s “Tead” Power to the Pole

https://www.facebook.com/mark.ho.372/videos/10220968731985606 Mark (Ho) shared the above video on 21 September 2020. Alongside Mark brought readers’ attention to the following: “The Teachings of Chu Shong TinFundamental Sung Action Number 1: Tead (Sink)Applying ‘Tead’ to the pole by releasing from shoulder to wristKin Chow Woon (Shoulder Elbow Wrist)” Mark’s highlight attracted my attention on the “Chow” –Continue reading “Jackscrew at Elbow, Transmitting Shoulder’s “Tead” Power to the Pole”

Speedy, Continuous, Powerful Punching: Spine Oscillating Rib Cage

Perhaps it is not hard to deliver ONE powerful punch; perhaps it is not that hard to deliver ONE fast powerful punch too; but it is hard to maintain the same level of power and speed throughout alternate left and right continuous punching. In the footage there are 3 episodes of Sifu’s demonstrations that willContinue reading “Speedy, Continuous, Powerful Punching: Spine Oscillating Rib Cage”

Penetrating Punch – How does it work? – Johnny Dutch

Johnny Dutch: Hi, I have been enjoying your posts and have some ideas that you might consider discussing in future posts. One is on the penetrating quality of the wing chun punch and how this works…… Me: I will try to discuss “penetrating” from another perspective, by answering this question: When your punch lands onContinue reading “Penetrating Punch – How does it work? – Johnny Dutch”

Where is the Friction from the Floor? – Force Transfer on Scale and Mahjong Tile

Intuitive: When someone pushes you (hands in touch), there must exist a horizontal force counteracting the horizontal push. This counteracting force is usually understood to be the friction produced by the feet pressing (often with toes grabbing) against the floor. Such depiction makes a lot of sense particularly when you regard your entire body largelyContinue reading “Where is the Friction from the Floor? – Force Transfer on Scale and Mahjong Tile”

Countering Lap Sau

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #012] This footage shows some Lap Sau techniques. To be exact, it is not about how to do Lap Sau, but about how to counter Lap Sau enacted by the opponent. The first part demonstrates effortless fight back, using one hand to handle the opponent’s two-hand Lap attack. It’s effortless becauseContinue reading “Countering Lap Sau”

In Memoriam

(Our dear Grandmaster Chu passed away in 2014.) It has been more than two months since the last post. Within this silence period, we lost our dear Grandmaster Chu (before dawn of 29 July). Sadness has turned into longer silence on this page. The best way to commemorate Grandmaster Chu is to continue spreading Chu-styleContinue reading “In Memoriam”

A Kick in Detecting Hand-bridge (Chum Kiu)

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #010] In addition to the episode #009, this footage shows the power of the leg when it’s straightened to “flap” (the landing of the leg after kicking). Is “being straightened” a necessary condition for attaining such “flapping” power? If someone has problem (say, physical limitation) in straightening the leg, or inContinue reading “A Kick in Detecting Hand-bridge (Chum Kiu)”

Stepping (in Chum Kiu) and Kicking

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #008] This footage goes in tandem with #007. It can be viewed as an extension of #007, employing the same way of kicking for stepping. That same way, reiterated here, is: the tailbone slides in, the back of the hip slides down, the thigh bone goes in the hip area. InContinue reading “Stepping (in Chum Kiu) and Kicking”

Fundamentals of Kicking

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #007] The last post, [Penetrating Punch and The Wing Chun Stance – The Jackscrew Analogy] dated 2014.04.07, talked about the jackscrew operation in the knee joints for kicking. To initiate such movement in the knee joints, it is actually the activity in the hip joint area that empowers the kick, albeitContinue reading “Fundamentals of Kicking”