Speedy, Continuous, Powerful Punching: Spine Oscillating Rib Cage

Perhaps it is not hard to deliver ONE powerful punch; perhaps it is not that hard to deliver ONE fast powerful punch too; but it is hard to maintain the same level of power and speed throughout alternate left and right continuous punching. In the footage there are 3 episodes of Sifu’s demonstrations that willContinue reading “Speedy, Continuous, Powerful Punching: Spine Oscillating Rib Cage”

Penetrating Punch – How does it work? – Johnny Dutch

Johnny Dutch: Hi, I have been enjoying your posts and have some ideas that you might consider discussing in future posts. One is on the penetrating quality of the wing chun punch and how this works…… Me: I will try to discuss “penetrating” from another perspective, by answering this question: When your punch lands onContinue reading “Penetrating Punch – How does it work? – Johnny Dutch”

Direction Dichotomies vs 3-dimensional Angular Degrees

Maurice: I am right-handed. Supposedly the difference between movements by my right and left should be great, in terms of power and smoothness. However, during Wing Chun practice, I didn’t feel the difference that great at all! I remember you mentioned something similar before. Is that related to the way Wing Chun generates power? ******Me:Continue reading “Direction Dichotomies vs 3-dimensional Angular Degrees”

Penetrating Punch and The Wing Chun Stance – The Jackscrew Analogy

To the post [Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #005: Penetrating Punch – The Basics] dated 2014.03.10, a reader, Mr. Davin Tan, left this message: “Could you elaborate on the lifting mechanism? So interesting! Is it a visual image of your elbow and wrist joint moving up vertically?” This post is trying to respond to his questions.Continue reading “Penetrating Punch and The Wing Chun Stance – The Jackscrew Analogy”

Penetrating Punch – with Pivoting and along a Straight Line

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #006] This footage goes in tandem with the #005 one. On top of the basics illustrated in #005, power from pivoting (however slight) of the body centre is readily transmitted to fuel the punch which, as a necessary condition, travels along a straight line. Failing to do so, such as pressingContinue reading “Penetrating Punch – with Pivoting and along a Straight Line”

Penetrating Punch – The Basics

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #005] This footage shows how the Wing Chun punch method is fundamentally different from our ordinary thinking. It is not launched by intending to throw out the elbow nor the fist. Rather, you apply the lifting mechanism of a jack device: lift up the elbow joint (appear to be springing) soContinue reading “Penetrating Punch – The Basics”