Jackscrew at Elbow, Transmitting Shoulder’s “Tead” Power to the Pole

https://www.facebook.com/mark.ho.372/videos/10220968731985606 Mark (Ho) shared the above video on 21 September 2020. Alongside Mark brought readers’ attention to the following: “The Teachings of Chu Shong TinFundamental Sung Action Number 1: Tead (Sink)Applying ‘Tead’ to the pole by releasing from shoulder to wristKin Chow Woon (Shoulder Elbow Wrist)” Mark’s highlight attracted my attention on the “Chow” –Continue reading “Jackscrew at Elbow, Transmitting Shoulder’s “Tead” Power to the Pole”

Penetrating Punch and The Wing Chun Stance – The Jackscrew Analogy

To the post [Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #005: Penetrating Punch – The Basics] dated 2014.03.10, a reader, Mr. Davin Tan, left this message: “Could you elaborate on the lifting mechanism? So interesting! Is it a visual image of your elbow and wrist joint moving up vertically?” This post is trying to respond to his questions.Continue reading “Penetrating Punch and The Wing Chun Stance – The Jackscrew Analogy”

Penetrating Punch – The Basics

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #005] This footage shows how the Wing Chun punch method is fundamentally different from our ordinary thinking. It is not launched by intending to throw out the elbow nor the fist. Rather, you apply the lifting mechanism of a jack device: lift up the elbow joint (appear to be springing) soContinue reading “Penetrating Punch – The Basics”