Biu Jiu Speedy?: Outer Linear Speed vs Inner Angular Acceleration

When we say to do Biu Jee one should move speedily, it can mean different things. In one scenario of “speedy” elbowing (Common mechanism 1 in the post Kneeing Elbow in Biu Jee – Tangential Force and Sucking in Whirlpool Analogy), the arm does so by travelling at high speed throughout a very noticeable distance.Continue reading “Biu Jiu Speedy?: Outer Linear Speed vs Inner Angular Acceleration”

Direction Dichotomies vs 3-dimensional Angular Degrees

Maurice: I am right-handed. Supposedly the difference between movements by my right and left should be great, in terms of power and smoothness. However, during Wing Chun practice, I didn’t feel the difference that great at all! I remember you mentioned something similar before. Is that related to the way Wing Chun generates power? ******Me:Continue reading “Direction Dichotomies vs 3-dimensional Angular Degrees”