Countering Lap Sau

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #012]

This footage shows some Lap Sau techniques. To be exact, it is not about how to do Lap Sau, but about how to counter Lap Sau enacted by the opponent. The first part demonstrates effortless fight back, using one hand to handle the opponent’s two-hand Lap attack. It’s effortless because the opponent’s force from one hand is being utilised for blocking his the other hand – the one-taming-two-hands method mentioned in The Book of Wing Chun, Vol. 1, pp. 150-151.

The second part is a tactful response to a varied way of Lap Sau – one hand hits in from above. You may wonder how the one-taming-two technique described in the preceding paragraph can still be applied to the high-up position. Figure it out here.

The third part reduces every “technique” back to the Wing Chun fundamentals. With the very basics ready and actualised, fight back is easy, as well as reflexive, with just simple, even casual, moves. The urge for “techniques” is deemed pointless – and here shines the beauty of this martial art!


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