Circling Palm – An Effective Gateway to Sticky Wrap-holding

In the post Adhesively Wrap-hold a Weapon – Hold It Sticky, I suggested that practising circling palm is a direct way of turning the palm to hold sticky. In this post I’ll elaborate. The circling palm is frequently performed in-between two moves, whenever a hand reaches the farthest extent in the front by progressing, punching,Continue reading “Circling Palm – An Effective Gateway to Sticky Wrap-holding”

From Chum Kiu to Kicking – Harry Leong, Andrew Mason

Harry: An article on kicking would be interesting.Andrew: I second an article on kicking.  My perception is that it is an area often ignored, but has much to offer when done well. Me: My belief: The principles governing the upper body should be equally applicable to the lower body. That is, joint expansion of hip,Continue reading “From Chum Kiu to Kicking – Harry Leong, Andrew Mason”

A Kick in Detecting Hand-bridge (Chum Kiu)

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #010] In addition to the episode #009, this footage shows the power of the leg when it’s straightened to “flap” (the landing of the leg after kicking). Is “being straightened” a necessary condition for attaining such “flapping” power? If someone has problem (say, physical limitation) in straightening the leg, or inContinue reading “A Kick in Detecting Hand-bridge (Chum Kiu)”