Circling Palm – An Effective Gateway to Sticky Wrap-holding

In the post Adhesively Wrap-hold a Weapon – Hold It Sticky, I suggested that practising circling palm is a direct way of turning the palm to hold sticky. In this post I’ll elaborate. The circling palm is frequently performed in-between two moves, whenever a hand reaches the farthest extent in the front by progressing, punching,Continue reading “Circling Palm – An Effective Gateway to Sticky Wrap-holding”

The Wrapping Intent – Wrapping around the Contact

What I am trying to depict in this post may be considered to be too imaginative, prone to be criticised as unrealistic and in fact unnecessary. However, it appears to me as something can’t be omitted should the exposition of the point-linked mechanism be completed, as it manifests the gist and essence of the mechanism.Continue reading “The Wrapping Intent – Wrapping around the Contact”

Adhesively Wrap-hold a Weapon – Hold It Sticky

What is the first thing to address for training on weapons (knives and pole)? Typically, it is the preparatory exercises: “punching on wide stance” for the pole and “circulating knives” for the knives respectively. I would like to introduce, in my opinion, one Wing Chun-ised pre-preparatory drill for training on weapons in general, i.e. notContinue reading “Adhesively Wrap-hold a Weapon – Hold It Sticky”