The First Two Drills for Pole Training – Only Joint Rotating

The first two drills for training the pole are probably the most familiar to learners, namely, lifting and pressing the pole vertically up and down very close to the body between chin and pelvis, and pushing and pulling the pole out and in on the chest level. In both cases, the pole must be kept,Continue reading “The First Two Drills for Pole Training – Only Joint Rotating”

Adhesively Wrap-hold a Weapon – Hold It Sticky

What is the first thing to address for training on weapons (knives and pole)? Typically, it is the preparatory exercises: “punching on wide stance” for the pole and “circulating knives” for the knives respectively. I would like to introduce, in my opinion, one Wing Chun-ised pre-preparatory drill for training on weapons in general, i.e. notContinue reading “Adhesively Wrap-hold a Weapon – Hold It Sticky”