Joint and Socket Separate – Joint Rotating Endows Forces with Multi-directionality

In a number of my previous posts, I have emphasised the importance and the role of multi-directional forces. In this short post, I try to give a supplementary explanation, which is kept simple and hopefully can help practice. To simplify for the sake of discussion, let’s regard that whenever there is a joint, there isContinue reading “Joint and Socket Separate – Joint Rotating Endows Forces with Multi-directionality”

The First Two Drills for Pole Training – Only Joint Rotating

The first two drills for training the pole are probably the most familiar to learners, namely, lifting and pressing the pole vertically up and down very close to the body between chin and pelvis, and pushing and pulling the pole out and in on the chest level. In both cases, the pole must be kept,Continue reading “The First Two Drills for Pole Training – Only Joint Rotating”

Forearm Swing

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #004] This footage goes in tandem with the #003 one. It shows more the forearm attacking in a seemingly swinging movement, first to the exterior zone, then the interior zone. It is more highlighted that the arm is not acting as one whole piece, but in terms of separate yet synchronisedContinue reading “Forearm Swing”

Rotation in Joints (Separate but at the Same Time) – Composing Movements

The Chu-style Wing Chun emphasises “rotation in joint” (refer to the last post dated 2013.11.29). Strictly speaking, it differs from the generic description “joint rotation”, in the way that it stands out the requirement of initiating the rotation within the joint structure itself, unreliant on any structure outside. This is an important characteristic that yieldsContinue reading “Rotation in Joints (Separate but at the Same Time) – Composing Movements”

Joints Freed: Joint Expansion/Rotation

The practice of relaxation bears two sides of effect: 1) the relaxation of muscles (discussed earlier); 2) the opening up of joints. In movements mastered by muscular contraction, the joints in the skeletal system are, to different degrees, being bound and confined by their neighbouring contracting muscles (and probably those related tissues like tendons). TheContinue reading “Joints Freed: Joint Expansion/Rotation”