From Centre of Mass to Linked Point Structure – QnA (Harry, Scott)

Harry Leung (extract): …… I would appreciate if you could explain CST’s wing chun of COM (does it feels like a ball spinning inside our body?), generally on how it is developed and used and whether it is always spinning or spins it only when we want to execute a movement eg, liking walking? orContinue reading “From Centre of Mass to Linked Point Structure – QnA (Harry, Scott)”

Thought Process Bridges Two Worlds – Mind (Idea) vs Physical

In our training journey, we often encounter problems and ask questions, hoping that answers to them can clear some obstacles and help bring about progress right away. Not all “answers” can lead to progress as expected, though. And I suspect it is mostly due to the mix-up of two worlds – the mind world andContinue reading “Thought Process Bridges Two Worlds – Mind (Idea) vs Physical”

Spine Rising from Anus Contraction (QnA, Concise Guide, Simple Intent)

Mok Kim Hoe: Is it possible to have one post about the fundamental Taigong (anus contraction) and Seng (rising up the spine)? What’s your recommendations thought process / thought that should be avoided when practising that? Looking forward.******Me: Probably the rising up of the spine is the key concern to learners as it has beenContinue reading “Spine Rising from Anus Contraction (QnA, Concise Guide, Simple Intent)”

Palm Dynamics – Q n A (Simon)

Simon: You mentioned the umbrella is slightly opened and curved for Biu Jee. If so can I say that the power is channelled more through the ribs but not through the ‘panels’? And thus more penetrating than other shapes.******Me: ‘Slightly opened and curved’ refers to the shape more than the degree of fullness. Here youContinue reading “Palm Dynamics – Q n A (Simon)”

Palm Dynamics – the Umbrella Analogy

In most of the literature, demonstration, training of Wing Chun, the focus is overwhelmingly on the secrets and mysteries of power generation from the back, the spine and the body structure. For the sake of discussion, I call all this the back end. The back end includes every part of the body mechanism up toContinue reading “Palm Dynamics – the Umbrella Analogy”

A Particular Case: Using Elbowing of Biu Jee to Rectify Problem in Rising Up the Spine

Kwan: After several years’ attempt in rising up the spine, I now feel more confused than before. It seems that I can never get it right. Or it’s just due to my stupidity? Others can have already done better? ******Me: You have your own particular problem which makes your intent of rising up the spineContinue reading “A Particular Case: Using Elbowing of Biu Jee to Rectify Problem in Rising Up the Spine”

Direction Dichotomies vs 3-dimensional Angular Degrees

Maurice: I am right-handed. Supposedly the difference between movements by my right and left should be great, in terms of power and smoothness. However, during Wing Chun practice, I didn’t feel the difference that great at all! I remember you mentioned something similar before. Is that related to the way Wing Chun generates power? ******Me:Continue reading “Direction Dichotomies vs 3-dimensional Angular Degrees”

Countering Lap Sau

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #012] This footage shows some Lap Sau techniques. To be exact, it is not about how to do Lap Sau, but about how to counter Lap Sau enacted by the opponent. The first part demonstrates effortless fight back, using one hand to handle the opponent’s two-hand Lap attack. It’s effortless becauseContinue reading “Countering Lap Sau”

Two-centre Operation – Part 2: What are Virtual Centres Representing?

How are the two centre points connected? In the scenarios described in Part 1, the two points are aligned along a supposedly upright, straight spine. This is the most perceived picture. Indeed, this might have been the very important emphasis you have been receiving in your training so far! Nevertheless, let’s examine the last formContinue reading “Two-centre Operation – Part 2: What are Virtual Centres Representing?”