Forearm Strike

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #003] In this footage you can see how impactful a strike could be when it is resulted from separate movement of joints, namely, the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist joints. Such movement of joints does not confine to just “rotation in joints”. You can clearly see the elaborate movement ofContinue reading “Forearm Strike”

Elbowing (Biu Jee)

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #011] This footage collates several demonstrations of GM Chu on Biu Jee movements. Biu Jee is both versatile and robust in application. Those shown in this footage are just snapshots among many others already posted onto the net by others of the Chu’s lineage. In particular, after I have finished compilingContinue reading “Elbowing (Biu Jee)”

5-gear Analogy in The Book of Wing Chun

In The Book of Wing Chun, Vol. 1, pp. 52-53, 7 powers are listed as a sequence serving as the Order of Using Different Powers. They are: 1) Idea Power; 2) Moving-body-weight Power; 3) Rotational Power; 4) Shoulder Power; 5) Shoulder Joint Power; 6) Forearm Power; 7) Wrist Power. This would be best understood againstContinue reading “5-gear Analogy in The Book of Wing Chun”