Forearm Strike

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #003]

In this footage you can see how impactful a strike could be when it is resulted from separate movement of joints, namely, the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist joints. Such movement of joints does not confine to just “rotation in joints”. You can clearly see the elaborate movement of the entire shoulder joint itself caused by the working of the rib cage, which, arguably, also contains various kinds of joints (refer to the post [The Skeletal System Takes Over the Master Role] dated 2014.01.20).

A convenient yet effective way of describing such working (power from the entire body channeled via the rib cage) is the cumulation of Elbow Power. In the footage it is shown how solid and heavy the Elbow Power behaves, which, as a simplified description, then serves as the unbreakable base for navigating the forearm movements.

Finally, with such kind of power, fighting is direct, not in terms of wandering with several forms before being able to fight back.


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