Penetrating Punch – with Pivoting and along a Straight Line

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #006] This footage goes in tandem with the #005 one. On top of the basics illustrated in #005, power from pivoting (however slight) of the body centre is readily transmitted to fuel the punch which, as a necessary condition, travels along a straight line. Failing to do so, such as pressingContinue reading “Penetrating Punch – with Pivoting and along a Straight Line”

5-gear Analogy in The Book of Wing Chun

In The Book of Wing Chun, Vol. 1, pp. 52-53, 7 powers are listed as a sequence serving as the Order of Using Different Powers. They are: 1) Idea Power; 2) Moving-body-weight Power; 3) Rotational Power; 4) Shoulder Power; 5) Shoulder Joint Power; 6) Forearm Power; 7) Wrist Power. This would be best understood againstContinue reading “5-gear Analogy in The Book of Wing Chun”