Palm Dynamics – Q n A (Simon)

Simon: You mentioned the umbrella is slightly opened and curved for Biu Jee. If so can I say that the power is channelled more through the ribs but not through the ‘panels’? And thus more penetrating than other shapes.******Me: ‘Slightly opened and curved’ refers to the shape more than the degree of fullness. Here youContinue reading “Palm Dynamics – Q n A (Simon)”

Palm Dynamics – the Umbrella Analogy

In most of the literature, demonstration, training of Wing Chun, the focus is overwhelmingly on the secrets and mysteries of power generation from the back, the spine and the body structure. For the sake of discussion, I call all this the back end. The back end includes every part of the body mechanism up toContinue reading “Palm Dynamics – the Umbrella Analogy”