Palm Dynamics – Q n A (Simon)

Simon: You mentioned the umbrella is slightly opened and curved for Biu Jee. If so can I say that the power is channelled more through the ribs but not through the ‘panels’? And thus more penetrating than other shapes.
Me: ‘Slightly opened and curved’ refers to the shape more than the degree of fullness. Here you highlighted something I missed in the previous explanation. Perhaps we can view it as a smaller umbrella among the other varied umbrellas of different sizes (palm in different shapes). A small umbrella can still already be opened in full (the maximum level), but, of course, cannot go beyond its pre-set size and shape. This means that within the pre-set boundary, different levels of power are still possible for channelling. At this point, if such power at its maximum is still not enough for use, you should change to a ‘bigger and fuller’ umbrella that can provision levels of power of greater magnitudes. So, you see, there are two dimensions: 1) levels of power within a particular shape; 2) power of different magnitudes across different shapes. To answer your question: ‘Slightly opened and curved’ doesn’t necessarily imply more channelling via the ribs, or more penetrating.
Simon: So every shape should be “fully-opened umbrella” no matter it is tang bong fook?
Me: Not really. As described above, for a particular shape, there are already different levels of power for use. Not every situation requires ‘the umbrella fully opened’.


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