Long-range Kick: Stamping Due to Facing Intent

The end aim of the Wing Chun kick is to stamp. It is in line with, and can be regarded as a direct result of, one of the foundational principles of Wing Chun, the facing intent. This would, in the immediate sense, mean that you “face” the opponent’s incoming kick and due to maintaining theContinue reading “Long-range Kick: Stamping Due to Facing Intent”

The End Aim of a Wing Chun Kick – Stamping

I think it has been commonly known that Wing Chun kick doesn’t advocate high kicking in combat (which is instead illustrative in demonstrations), i.e. kick towards positions above the waist. And I will thus skip discussing this point. Let‘s turn to the following consideration: In all the kick moves practised in Chum Kiu and WoodenContinue reading “The End Aim of a Wing Chun Kick – Stamping”

A Kick in Wooden Dummy

[Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #009] The last two episodes, #007 and #008, talk about the fundamentals of kicking (and of stepping as well) – the working of the tailbone and the hip joints. In this footage, it shows how a kick develops when crossing with the opponent’s leg, whichever of the left and the right.Continue reading “A Kick in Wooden Dummy”