Two-centre Operation – Part 2: What are Virtual Centres Representing?

How are the two centre points connected? In the scenarios described in Part 1, the two points are aligned along a supposedly upright, straight spine. This is the most perceived picture. Indeed, this might have been the very important emphasis you have been receiving in your training so far! Nevertheless, let’s examine the last formContinue reading “Two-centre Operation – Part 2: What are Virtual Centres Representing?”

Two-centre Operation – Part 1

This article is exploratory in nature. It attempts to propose an integral explanation on the roles of centre(s) in Idea Wing Chun. A genuine learner of Idea Wing Chun would have probably encountered the prominence of centre(s) throughout the practice of the 3 form-sets. Briefly as follows: Siu Nim Tau (Tiny Idea) – At theContinue reading “Two-centre Operation – Part 1”