Sinking Around Skeleton, Parts vs Whole? – Mickael Claude

Mickael: Centered (expansion in spine, in skeleton) and sinking around skeleton, around bones. Ok but sometimes I have this process (hanger effect) in an area not in whole body. And it’s not always the same area. Ideas to spread this? Ideas to connect the different parts where it’s work?

Me: Soften-melting to uncover the skeleton is akin to hammering out an ice sculpture. It is unrealistic to require 100% carving out one part, say the head, before sketching other parts. Even when you feel already satisfied with the shape of the left arm, for instance, it is likely you will come to it again when you craft on the right arm, in the process of which you find something need to adjust the left for approaching perfection of symmetry, so to speak.

Soften-melting to link up at the skeletal level is similar. Your mind goes to where (can be multiple locations) it can pretty much already access. The part of the spine in the chest area and the joints in the arms (shoulder, elbow, wrist) are the common candidates. You start digging out the skeletal parts in those areas. Some people might feel direct access to other “uncommon” parts instead, say the foot palm. It doesn’t matter, just start right there. Once you’ve opened them up to a noticeable extent, you can extend from them to soften-melt their neighbouring parts. Say you’ve been able to connect the shoulders towards the central (though haven’t reached it). You can ride on this inward tendency to try soften-melt the two strips of muscles (feelingwise) running alongside the spine. As they are strips, the soften-melting is probably not targeting one point, but a segment with length. It is then a simultaneous soften-melting from the two sides of the chest, not just from shoulders. If “soften-melt” doesn’t work well, try “dissolve and diffuse” – the inward intent dissolves the edges between connected and non-connected parts so as to diffuse across (melting ice dissolves and diffuses across the hard border of solid ice). This discourages intrusion by force, avoiding tense-up of muscles.

Dissolve and diffuse from the parts already connected towards the edges with the non-connected neighbouring parts, from all sides and angles, like hammering an ice sculpture; a part takes its shape not at one time, but hammering from all sides and angles alternately, until can’t go any further, then don’t force to go further, instead use this achieved state to dissolve and diffuse into other (neighbouring) parts.

In short, no rush to connect the whole body, but part by part. Whichever part you can access, work on and from that part; there is no specific sequence.

I used to soften-melt from the shoulder joints into the upper centre, then use this tendency to dissolve and diffuse across the edges bordering the two vertical strips of muscles running alongside the spine (with all that have already been achieved in subconscious still working, including spine rising).


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