Chum Kiu – My Way

This is a footage taken by Regan Williams in Seoul in 2016 (credit to Regan). Again, I’ve shared my views and experiences on practising Chum Kiu, and you can see if I am doing what I have said in this footage, such that hopefully you can visualise what you might want to follow.

In the third part, I did the double bong sau up to the chest level. It should be a “low” double bong sau. And the last two moves – 6 downward palm strikes and 6 punches – are a bit too fast relative to the preceding moves. The footage is not that standard but is the only one available at hand.

A quick checklist:

  1. Axis-on-one-leg dominance
  2. No swing during pivoting
  3. Coverage from 0d to 90d
  4. No drag-move during stepping
  5. No ups and downs during stepping
  6. Synchronising movements (start and stop altogether) in one move

Questions and comments are welcome.


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