Siu Nim Tau – My Way

The previous two posts have shared my views and past experiences on how to practise Siu Nim Tau. After saying all this in words, I think it might be logical as well as useful to show you my Siu Nim Tau, so that you can see if I am doing what I have said, and through this process hopefully you can visualise what you might want to follow.

A quick checklist:

  1. Spirited and projecting
  2. Elbows and knees are converging
  3. All arm movements are done via elbows
  4. A pause, long or brief, between two consecutive moves
  5. A move, between two pauses, proceeds at constant speed
  6. Movements are initiated by the centre points
  7. Wrist-palm opened up – umbrella analogy
  8. Body vertically aligned
  9. No sitting at hip, normal standing in Wing Chun stance shape

Questions and comments are welcome.


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